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We provide installation and service of a wide range of fountain-dispensing equipment, including:

  • Bar guns
  • Fountain Machines
  • Ice Machines
  • Drop-in units
  • Counter top units
  • Iced tea urns
  • Hot beverage systems
  • Carbonators
  • Racks & pumps
  • Home and Office Installations
  • Clean and Maintain Lines from Bacteria
  • Vinfinity Systems Wine Vacuum
  • Beer & Wine Equipment
  • Custom Draft Beer Sysytems

Capital Beverage is a full-line distributor of parts, fittings and equipment for the beverage Industry.

We offer a full range of service by offering the whole package that a customer may need. We provide not only the equipment but also the entire backroom, adding value both in price and in convenience.

As an equipment provider and installer, we can also operate as a one-stop call center for warranty and service needs. With extensive experience in the industry and an innovative, problem-solving approach, Capital Beverage is uniquely positioned to solve any issue you have.